Francisco Amorós y Ondeano

Francisco Amorós y Ondeano, otherwise known as the ''Marquis of Sotelo'' (19 February 1770 in Valencia – 1848), was born within Spain but took French nationality during 1816. He is known for his contribution to gymnastics within the nation of France, and for his contributing to the resurgence of sport in the so-called modern world in general.

Ondeano was the son of a brigadier of the Spanish army. At the age of nine he studied at a Saint-Isodore school within Madrid. At sixteen years of age he entered the military, in the capacity of an infantry-man in the army of Cordone.

Ondeano opened a gymnasium in Paris during 1817, and another in 1820, for the use of the military and also the general population.

Amongst other works, he published texts entitled:

*''New Complete Manual of Physical Education for Gymnastics and Morals''. *Civil (''or Civilian'') French Gymnasium (of which there was an edition in print during the year 1819) Provided by Wikipedia
by Amoros y Ondeano, Francisco
Published 1830
by Amoros y Ondeano, Francisco
Published 1834