John Roche

John Roche may refer to:

*John A. Roche (1844–1904), Chicago politician *John Roche (politician) (1848–1914), Irish politician *John Roche (actor) (1893–1952), American actor *John Roche (basketball) (born 1949), retired American professional basketball player *John Roche (martyr) (died 1588), Irishman, one of the English Martyrs executed in 1588, beatified in 1992 *Johnny Roche (1932–1988), English footballer *Jack Roche (born 1953), Australian convicted on a charge of conspiring to destroy the Israeli Embassy in Canberra, Australia *Jack Roche (baseball) (1890–1983), Major League Baseball catcher *John Roche (bishop) (1584–1636), Irish Roman Catholic bishop *John Roche (Canadian politician) (1834–1893), member of the Legislative Council of Quebec Provided by Wikipedia