Peter of Aquila

Peter of Aquila, O.F.M., (Scotellus) (d. 1361) was an Italian Friar Minor, theologian and bishop.

Peter was born at L'Aquila in the Abruzzo, Italy, towards the end of the 13th century. In 1334 he figures as a Master of Theology and as Minister Provincial of his Order for Tuscany. In 1334 he was appointed confessor to Queen Joan I of Naples and shortly afterwards Inquisitor for Florence. His servants having been punished by public authority, the Inquisitor excommunicated the priors and placed the town under interdict.

On 12 February 1347, Peter was named Bishop of S. Angelo de Lombardi in Calabria, and, on 30 May 1348, was transferred to the Diocese of Trivento, where he died.

He was an able interpreter of John Duns Scotus, and was called ''Doctor sufficiens''. His chief works are commentaries on the four books of ''Sentences'', which being a compendium of the doctrine of Scotus were called ''Scotellum'', whence the author's surname "Scotellus". The commentaries have passed through various editions, the first by Peter Drach, at Speier, 1480, and by Paolini (Genoa, 1907–09). Provided by Wikipedia
by Petrus de Aquila -1361
Published 1480
by Petrus de Aquila
Published 1584