Georg Wolfgang Franz Panzer

Georg Wolfgang Franz Panzer (31 May 1755 – 28 June 1829) was a German botanist and entomologist.

He was born at Etzelwang in the Upper Palatinate and died at Hersbruck, near Nuremberg. He was the son of (the elder, 1729-1805), one of the most distinguished and productive of German bibliographers, whose ''Annales Typographici'' were published between 1793 and 1803.

A physician, he practised at Hersbruck. A celebrated botanist, he had a very species-rich herbarium.

He also assembled a very important insect collection which was the basis of a vast work ''Faunae insectorum germanicae initia'' (Elements of the insect fauna of Germany), published at Nuremberg between 1796 and 1813. Illustrated by Jacob Sturm (1771–1848), with more than 2,600 hand-colored plates of individual, lifesize insects, this work was issued in 109 parts over the 17-year period of its serial publication, a common pattern for illustrated natural history works in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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