James Lyons

James or Jim Lyons may refer to: *James E. Lyons (1857-1943), American politician *James J. Lyons (1890–1966), American politician *James J. Lyons, Jr., Massachusetts politician *James K. Lyons (1960–2007), American film editor and actor *James L. Lyons (1916–1994), founder of the Monterey Jazz Festival *James Lyons (lawyer) (born 1947), American lawyer, figure in the Whitewater controversy and former federal judicial nominee *James W. Lyons (1878–1947), Canadian politician *James Lyons (Australian politician) (1875–1955), New South Wales politician *James Lyons (Upper Canada politician), merchant and political figure in Upper Canada *James Lyons (Virginia) (1801–1882), Confederate politician *James Lyons (admiral) (1927–2018), US Navy admiral, former Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet *James R. Lyons, plastic surgeon and author * Jim Lyons (footballer) (1876–?), Australian rules footballer Provided by Wikipedia