Abel Foullon

''Usaige et description de l'holomètre'', 1567[http://beta.biblissima.fr/fr/ark:/43093/edata70de4d07e8029b4a65bd5e77bca46198f61fd249 L'usage & description de l'holometre. Paris (France) Pierre Béguin (libraire, 15..-15..), 1567 sur ''Biblissima'' Abel Foullon; France, (1513–1563 or 1565) was an author, director of the Mint for Henry II of France and also an engineer to the king of France after Leonardo da Vinci.

] His Holometer is an instrument for making of angular measurements for surveying. In 1551, Henry II granted Abel a 10-year exclusive patent monopoly on the holometer in exchange for publishing a description of it. A description of an invention in a patent is called a patent “specification”. This first patent specification was entitled "Usage & Description de l'holomètre". Publication was delayed until after the patent expired in 1561. Provided by Wikipedia