John Denison

John Denison may refer to:

* John Denison (MP), British Member of Parliament for Wootton Bassett, 1796–1802 * John Denison (arts administrator) (1911–2006), British music administrator * John Denison (engineer) (1917–2001), ice road engineer who operated in the Northwest Territories, Canada * John G. Denison, acting CEO and chairman of ATA Airlines and Global Aero Logistics, Inc * John A. Denison, American Politician of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1875-1948 * John Evelyn Denison, 1st Viscount Ossington (1800-1873), British statesman * John Denison (Royal Navy), 1853-1939, son of George Taylor Denison II Provided by Wikipedia
by Denison, John 1570-1629
Published 1630