Richard Alexander

Richard Alexander may refer to:

*Richard Alexander (TV presenter) (active since 2003), British actor and TV presenter *Richard Alexander (British politician) (1934–2008), Conservative British politician *Richard Alexander (exonerated convict), 1998 wrongfully convicted American *Richard Alexander (actor) (1902–1989), character actor *Richard Alexander (field hockey) (born 1981), English field hockey defender *Richard D. Alexander (1929–2018), professor and zoologist *Richard Jay-Alexander (born 1953), Broadway producer and director *Richard L. Alexander (1914–1993), American pilot *Richard Thomas Alexander (1887–1971), American educator and education theorist *Richard Dykes Alexander (1788–1865), businessman and philanthropist *Dick Alexander (active since 1975), American sound engineer Provided by Wikipedia
by Alexander, Richard 1852-1923
Published 1922
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